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Yale Medicine

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Yale Medicine is the clinical practice of the Yale School of Medicine. They are the largest academic multi-specialty practice in New England. For our first engagement with Yale Med, we focused on their Fertility Clinic, which was nowhere to be found in Search results and was seeing a steady decline in website traffic.

Our Strategy


We initiated our campaign by harnessing the immense targeting capabilities of Facebook. Our audience segmentation included individuals interested in parental magazines, reproductive health, reproductive medicine, pregnancy, fertility, adoption, LGBTQ adoption, LGBTQ couples, and related interests. Our strategy aimed to reach specific demographic groups, allowing us to tailor different ad creatives for each, thereby enhancing the relevance of our advertisements. This approach not only diversified our reach but also optimized the impact of our messaging.

Google Search

For the Google Search component of our strategy, we focused on the strategic use of high-volume, contextually relevant keywords. Our keyword selection encompassed terms such as IVF, male fertility, fertility centers, AMH test, female fertility, Yale fertility, egg donation, and fertility doctors. By bidding on these keywords, our objective was to ensure that individuals actively seeking fertility-related information would encounter our ads in Google search results. This approach aligned with our core strategy of thinking from the audience's perspective, enabling us to maximize our visibility among potential patients actively searching for a fertility center.

Results Worth Bragging About


$3 Average

Cost-Per-Click on Facebook

$1.70 Average

Cost-Per-Click on Google



New Visitors to the Website

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Their customer service and attention to detail is top-notch. They will reply back to you within a few hours if you have any inquiries. The entire team is educated on what's new in terms of search platforms like Google's algorithm changes, privacy updates changing data capture, etc... and we’re always excited to hear about new strategies to better optimize our campaigns.
Weekly project updates describing the progress of the campaign through emails and Zoom calls with the account managers every Friday were the main modes of communication.
Really impressed with the outcome of the campaigns. I can say that PBJ's PPC implementations were spot on. It is way better traffic, as well as genuine enquiries from the targeted customers.

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