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Czech Tourisim

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Looking to put the Czech Republic on the map as a premier destination for Canadian travelers, the Czech National Tourist Office teamed up with Air Canada for a travel sweepstakes where contestants had to complete a trivia quiz and short questionnaire to enter. 

They needed an agency capable of creating the custom landing page as well as creating the ads, promoting the contest, and managing a robust paid campaign across Facebook and other social media channels.

Our Strategy

We got to work building an interactive landing page capable of housing a Sweepstakes Quiz in both English and French. We then got to work on building out the ad campaigns. 

We helped them run a Facebook ad campaign to get the word out, and people seemed to want to go to Prague. After three weeks, they had to pick a winner, but during that time, some great things happened.

The brand's dedicated team was responsible for the whole campaign from A to Z, from creative development to implementation and budget control.

Results Worth Bragging About


1.2 Million



"Entries" Conversion Rate



Increase in New User Website Traffic

Hear what our Clients have to say

I would say that these guys try to be innovative. They are very tech-based and are always looking for new trends. They always try to give us many options based on case studies and research. They were very thorough and, at the same time, very tech-oriented. They came up with many interesting apps, devices, and tools that made that campaign successful. That's something I appreciated. Overall, it was a very good experience.
They're quick, organized, efficient, and very communicative. I don't speak well of many consultants, but PBJ has always been extremely available, and they work well with their clients. Many times, it's hard to have an online presence in the science field because it's very technical, but they're able to work through that. They are very cost-effective, and they can really rock and roll on stuff.
I think that they were able to build a very engaging landing page. We had a very good conversion rate based on how many people took the quiz on the landing page. The final conversion rate was around 44 percent, which was incredible. Of the people who came to the landing page through the ad, 44 percent took the quiz and entered the contest. We had a high level of engagement. Also, if I look at some analytical information from the website like bounce rate and time spent on the website, the bounce rate was low. A customer spent almost four minutes on our website. That actually shows a very good engagement with the website, so we were satisfied with that point. The Facebook sweepstakes campaign resulted in 600,000 impressions on our ads. The CTR [click-through rate] was somewhere around 1 percent, which was not that bad. As I said, of all those who came to the website, 44 percent did the action we want them to do. That was a very good conversion rate.

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