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MATClinics (PPC)

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MATClinics is an outpatient opioid addiction treatment center with eight locations across Maryland, and our partnership aims to increase leads for their existing clinics while generating brand awareness and steady patient appointments for new sites as they are launched. Our primary lead driver for this campaign is 'Phone Calls,' supplemented by some form submissions.

Our Strategy

Lead Generation

In our research, we identified "Suboxone" as the most relevant keyword, given its significance in treating opioid addiction. Subsequently, we identified the following related keywords that delivered cost-effective conversions:

  • “Suboxone treatment”
  • “Suboxone near me”
  • “Outpatient Suboxone”

Using historical data, we increased spending on these selected search terms, surpassing competitors in Impression Share and Click Share. Additionally, we employed CallRail to monitor the call quality for each term. To enhance ad relevance, we consistently added irrelevant terms as negative keywords.

To bolster brand awareness, we collaborated with the client to develop more compelling ad copy and creatives. These improved materials were deployed through Facebook and Google Display, using radius-based targeting around the client's clinics. We also ran local campaigns on Google Ads to enhance each clinic's Google My Business profile listings, thereby increasing walk-ins and phone calls.

By deploying the new creatives through Facebook and Google Display with radius-based targeting around each of the clinics, we were able to increase website users from Direct Traffic by 205% in the first 12 months.

Results Worth Bragging About



Increase In Total Appointments


More Users From Direct Traffic



Reduction in CPA for Google Search

Hear what our Clients have to say

They’re numbers people. Whether it’s a step forward or backward, they’ll communicate the truth about our performance directly and clearly. That’s a winning formula.
They’ve done very well. We have regular meetings with them where we review progress. The communication, whether via email or an online meeting, is timely and professional.
From the beginning, we’ve been very pleased. While we were a little uneasy about offloading our PPC accounts to an external provider, they’ve handled it professionally from day one. They’ve done a nice job staying in line with our cost per lead, customer acquisition cost, and staying within our budget. We’ve benefitted from working with folks who primarily focus on this type of work, so we can focus on our industry and what we do best.

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Increase in Instagram likes.

YoY Sales Up.

Increase in ROAS

Increase in Revenue

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Increase in Ad Clicks

Increase in Ad Clicks

Increase in conversions

Conversion Rate.

Increase in leads within the first 3 months

Improved Conversions

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Increase in Paid Media Web Traffic

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Reduction in CPL

Increase in Instagram Likes

Increase in Lead-to-Patient Conversion


Increase in Sales

Increase in Direct Traffic

Increase in Form Submissions from Maryland

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