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Dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world, Arcus Foundation is a leading global grantmaker to non-profit organizations focused on conservation, social justice, and LGBT rights. Before working with PBJ, the foundation already had a user-friendly website, a series of original publications, and a solid social following. Its challenge was introducing its mission to a broader audience to generate meaningful debates and propel policy changes. 

After an extensive audit of the website properties and social media accounts of Arcus Foundation, we determined that the largest and most sustainable opportunity for the foundation’s digital impact growth rested in its original content. If we could utilize AdWords Search Network to connect people who are already researching social justice and conservation-related topics to Arcus’ library of relevant resources and information, we would be able to cultivate a community of readership and potential brand advocates who repeatedly return to engage with and support Arcus’ grantees work.

Our Strategy

PBJ was able to secure a Google Ads “Grant Pro” for Arcus, which awarded the foundation up to $40,000 monthly advertising budget to spend on Google AdWords. In addition to building out an ecosystem of search campaigns closely related to the foundation’s mission and causes, PBJ launched a series of content-focused campaigns with ad copies customized to individual Publications, Stories of Impact, Blogs, and Reports on and

In addition, to assist the third annual online charity event, “Giving Day for Apes,” co-sponsored by the foundation in support of great ape sanctuaries and rescue centers, PBJ orchestrated a sequence of highly targeted two-week Facebook advertising campaigns to encourage donations.

Results Worth Bragging About


47.2% YoY

Increase in Ad Clicks

50% YoY

Increase in Website Engagement


137.6% YoY

Increase in Website Goal Conversions

Hear what our Clients have to say

I think this is twofold. PBJ really brings a personal relationship to the project, I didn't feel like just one of their clients. Secondly, they actually understood the strategic aim of the campaign – policy-wise. They put in the effort of familiarizing themselves with the situation and got what we were trying to do.
They do really well. What we really like is that they keep us updated. We have a recap almost every four weeks where we can review everything that they’ve done. They keep us informed, but they don’t overwhelm us. We’re not techies, so we pay them to take on these projects and to implement them. We don’t need to babysit them. That’s what’s been really beneficial about them: they take care of it. They know the level of interaction that we want. We interact with them on a daily basis for questions or things with the website, but on the long-term projects, they really just take it and put a timeline on it. They’ve hit every single timeline they’ve set, and then we work together just to make sure we’re on the same page for the next set of projects.
We continually reach our benchmarks and have to set new ones. More people are reading our content, which has increased their page time and decreased the bounce rate. PBJ Marketing not only runs ads but also optimizes them.

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