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Green Gobbler offers home maintenance products that are safer for the environment than your traditional household brands. Unlike conventional maintenance supplies, Green Gobbler’s unique formulas are safer for consumers and the environment. Their goals for us were to establish a strong social media presence that informed consumers about their many products, provide value to our audience by posting helpful content, and drive users to their website and Amazon page to purchase their products.

Our Strategy

PBJ performed a deep analysis of the brand to understand its voice and values fully. Once completed, we conceptualized multiple content campaigns that aligned with Green Gobblers’ goals.

A strong emphasis was placed on creating content that gave background on Green Gobbler’s products and provided our audience with substantial value. These included posts with different cleaning secrets and helpful blog articles on home maintenance. In order to drive more traffic to Green Gobbler’s website and Amazon page, we launched a multitude of paid social ads around each of their products.

By creating a comprehensive social content calendar, Green Gobbler was able to release a constant stream of social content. We actively analyzed the performance of each piece to see what content campaigns performed best to enable us to optimize and create more content consistent with our top performers.

We were able to grow a very engaged audience that visited our social pages to receive advice on home cleaning and even became advocates for the brand. It was common for us to see our audience posting photos of them using Green Gobbler products, letting their audience know how happy they were with the results. We were able to leverage these posts and promote more advocates to rave about the brand by sharing their posts on Green Gobbler’s channels and entering into engaging conversations with them from the brand’s pages.

We successfully drove large amounts of traffic to their website and Amazon page to promote their different products. Our efforts were so successful that they ranked as the #1 search result on Amazon for many of their cleaning supplies.

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The team at PBJ Marketing is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to our specific needs. Their expertise in Google Ads and SEO has significantly boosted our online presence and brought in a steady stream of traffic to our website.
The project management of PBJ Marketing was professional. They were super quick to respond. We had regular Zoom meetings. Overall, their project management style was impressive, and they were able to deliver everything on time.
They did a great job with our PPC campaigns. The ads were targeted towards a niche audience, which resulted in more genuine inbound enquiries. I am not saying that the results were unbelievable. But, the campaigns made a huge difference in a positive way, and we are extremely happy with the results.

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