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From monthly or quarterly audits and recommendations to full management of your profiles, we fit within your needs.

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Translate your brand into a powerful voice.

The key to successful social media marketing is great storytelling. In order to get people to listen, a brand must tell engaging, creative stories to the correct audience. At PBJ, we help brands tell their story and use social media to translate that brand into a powerful voice.

As a digital agency with expertise in optimizing and streamlining content across all social platforms, PBJ works with clients to develop a social communications strategy that is topically relevant, efficiently executed, visually on-brand, and incredibly engaging. We also ensure all your accounts are organized and are keeping up with social media’s fast-changing best practices.

PBJ will create, manage, and execute a holistic marketing strategy in order to:

  • Develop active social accounts as a brand extension
  • Showcase the company’s offerings by displaying examples and benefits
  • Educate your following on all your different business offerings
  • Distinguish the brand by using a unique voice that adds to the conversation
  • Build a social media following that engages with your content
  • Drive digital traffic to your website to increase sales
  • Analyze campaign performance and make improvements

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Digital Audit

PBJ will review all your brand’s existing digital touch points visible to your audience, and ensure each one is clear, consistent, streamlined, and using digital best practices. Focus areas include a full review of your website and social accounts.

The digital audit includes:

  • Conducting an audit of your website by reviewing every page on the website.
  • Conducting an audit of all your social media accounts by reviewing each page and past content.
  • Preparing a detailed report with all findings, suggested edits, and recommendations for future content across the website and social media accounts.
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Social Media Strategy

PBJ will create and execute a narratively consistent communication strategy and editorial calendar, focused on sharing relevant and engaging content. By maximizing the social reach of posts, creating original content, and generating digital awareness, we will increase your online following.

We will weave your brand into online conversations related to your industry, while also leveraging traditional media coverage to provide a forum of discussion for your audience.

Our social media strategy will provide the following:

  • Polished Social Platforms to ensure all accounts look sharp and updated.
  • Original Content Development, sharing news as social posts.
  • Content Management via an editorial calendar to schedule and make posts live accordingly.
  • Social Engagement, monitoring feeds for fan interaction. opportunities ensuring a two-way conversation.
  • Holistic Marketing Strategy that provide strategic guidance across all marketing initiatives.
  • Ad Spend Management, strategizing and placing paid ads across platforms upon request.
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Social Engagement

Your social media accounts are an extension of the company. When your audience talks to you, it’s crucial that they feel heard. Social engagement allows for a two-way conversation between the brand and the public.

PBJ does the following social engagement:

  • Go through Facebook and Instagram and look for fan engagement.
  • Respond to comments and questions that were posted.
  • Respond to direct messages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Notify you if a fan comments something noteworthy.
  • Reach out to people talking about related topics or using related hashtags and introduce them to your brand, growing the account.
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Content Strategy

The caliber of a brand’s social media accounts depend directly on the quality of social content the brand is producing. Content development is the process of brainstorming, drafting, and creating social content campaigns to be used across your social media accounts.

PBJ will do the following content development:

  • Brainstorm engaging content campaigns and themes to be used across social platforms
  • Draft on-brand social posts that engage with your audience.
  • Incorporate your creative assets (articles, pictures, videos, links) into social posts.
  • Research related topics to find shareable content we can utilize.
  • Maintain and send a regular content calendar, as the frequency can vary

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