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Powerful Content, High-Value Links, and Expert On-Page and Off-Page SEO Strategies – the key to building lasting, ROI-driven SEO growth for businesses and organizations.

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At PBJ, we have many special digital marketing skills, but SEO has always been at the core. It’s a process that takes time, effort and a whole lot of knowledge.

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires multiple digital strategies and analytical processes to increase website and landing page traffic to rank higher in search engines. Keyword research, content creation, and technical analyses are essential to SEO.

We are an SEO agency that provides customized local, national, and enterprise SEO services to help companies improve their online visibility, generate opportunities, increase revenue, and grow their online brand.

Success with SEO means working with a dynamic digital agency with a proven history of excellence for businesses and organizations throughout the country. Attaining a higher position on search engine results pages (SERPs) requires an enterprising team of digital marketers who take charge and own your company’s online footprint.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

There are multiple moving parts to SEO. Competition for keywords, audiences, and PageRank is never-ending. As the dominant search engine, Google constantly adjusts its algorithm, making thousands of changes yearly. Keeping up-to-date on these changes – and reacting in real-time – is what we do best.

Our SEO team is well-versed in the ins and outs of Google algorithm updates. We know when they’re launched, how to measure their impact, and how to adjust your strategy immediately. We use multiple approaches to ensure your website and landing pages continue to receive high volumes of targeted traffic.

Keyword Research

For us, it all comes down to proper keyword research when optimizing your landing pages and content for your SEO campaigns. Ensuring that you use appropriate keywords and strategically place them is key. The performance of your landing page on search engine results pages (SERPs) and the authoritative linking and sharing of your content greatly depend on effective keyword research. The more your landing page and content are linked to, the stronger your on page SEO will be.

Website Audit

Far too many digital agencies fail to perform website audits. They simply jump right in and start generating as much traffic as possible. Unfortunately, this SEO traffic doesn’t always reach your target audience. Driving high volumes of traffic for traffic’s sake does not work.

As a proactive SEO agency, our approach is entirely different. We perform a thorough and complete website audit as soon as you come on board to itemize what needs to change, how it should be changed, and share a proactive timeline for achieving results. We also take a local SEO services perspective with our audits. We then sit down with you to ensure you understand what needs to be improved and why.

Local SEO & Directory Optimization

Making sure your website and landing pages are found also requires directory optimization. We ensure your business information is visible, accurate, and optimized on the big five directories: Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, Bing Places, Facebook, and Yelp. We then use Moz Local to disseminate directory information to smaller listings.

These business directories define who you are, what you provide, where you’re located, and how best to reach you. Today’s audience constantly checks these directories to read customer reviews and understand how your business functions and how other customers use your business.

Customized SEO Services with PBJ Marketing

Our approach involves understanding your business, market, customers, goals, and aspirations to develop a data-driven strategy to grow your business. We then continuously carry out SEO monitoring that succeeds and ensures we’re on track to attain your long-term goals. 

Some SEO agencies only provide part of the solution. Others treat each interaction as a separate transaction. We are different; our customers see us as a valued and trusted partner in their growth. 

If you want to work with a trusted SEO agency that can make a real difference, contact us now.

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On Page SEO

Ready for a big run-on definition? On page SEO, also referred to as on-site or technical SEO, is the practice of optimizing “elements” within both the visual interface and code of a website with the goal of ranking that website -or specific pages within- higher in search engine results. The higher your search engine rank, the more traffic you can expect to attract to your website! The ultimate goal of on page SEO is to make it as easy as possible for search engines to 1) understand what a website is about 2) identify a page as relevant to particular keywords and 3) determine that page to be useful and worthy of ranking high on search engine results page (SERP).

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Off Page SEO

An equally important part to SEO strategy, off page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your website that impact your rankings within search results pages (SERPS). The primary objective here is “link building”, which consists of getting other reputable online places (pages, sites, people, etc.) to link to or promote your website, effectively “vouching” for the quality of your content. This is no easy task! Oftentimes, it involves manual outreach, offering other sites rich, relevant content that they’d be willing to share with their audience. It’s a win, win for both parties.

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Digital Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Boost your nonprofit's impact with expert digital marketing services. Reach more supporters & achieve your goals.

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