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Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” twin sisters Ophira and Tali, aka the AstroTwins, reach millions worldwide through their spot-on predictions. Through their website, the twins “bring the stars down to earth” with their unique, lifestyle-based approach and perspective.

Despite being one of the largest astrology websites online, Astrostyle saw a healthy, engaged audience but knew they could grow bigger and faster. The brand sought a digital marketing partner who could not only increase its traffic, but provide strategic consultation and brand planning.

Our Strategy

Beginning with intensive keyword research, PBJ marketing's dedicated SEO team began establishing a long-term growth strategy focused on optimizing a plethora of rich existing content while providing strategic recommendations for future content creation targeting high-value keywords and quick wins in search engine page rankings (SERPs).

The work has been hugely successful, with significant monthly increases in traffic to the site. Astrostyle now reaches more than 20 million Page Views and & 15 million monthly visitors each month... and growing!

We started with a deep dive analysis of the website, identifying all the high-value keywords Astrostyle's competitors' sites were using. We then performed a comprehensive User Experience audit to assess current traffic performance. With the two in hand, we helped the Astro team develop a custom SEO strategy that moved existing pages higher up in Google's rankings. In addition, we introduced new and recommended keyword and page rank combos as well as an expansion across other search engines they weren't utilizing.

Over time, PBJ's dedicated SEO consultants collaborated with Astrostyle to guide future content creation. as well as website improvements. PBJ laid out a plan for dedicated new content hubs driven by keyword research and enhancements to website structure and user flow. PBJ implemented SEO best practices such as installing SEO tools, following metadata best practices, making images smaller, and standardizing how content was created.

Results Worth Bragging About



Organic Sessions

8.5 Million

New Users


Over 400%

Increase Across Ad Revenue

Hear what our Clients have to say

From the get-go, PBJ Marketing took the time to get to know our business, our niche market, and our goals. They spent many hours putting together a 20-page report on cultural differences in how people think about student loans worldwide, including where they go and what sites they visit. That level of preparation for a client engagement impressed me.
Larger agencies I’ve worked with in the past administer project management via a playbook. They set up guidelines for regular meetings, designated points of contact, standard operating procedures, and so forth. Unfortunately, this approach falls short when a project requires special attention. PBJ Marketing, being a smaller firm, customized their approach to managing our project. While some ambiguities arose in our initial meetings, their style has ultimately worked well for us. They can work nimbly and change gears when issues arise.
They really understand the digital marketing aspect that goes into having a website. They really know what’s going on with digital strategy, media, and technology. They’re always current and even ahead of the curve. Their ideas are always really spot on, sharp, and based in the most current and relevant business practices in the digital media world. Their advice is related to revenue. We’ve been able to grow with them. There were some months where we spent less and they helped us figure out what would be the smartest thing to spend on during that time. They really know where to put your dollars.

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