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A brand’s marketing is only as good as its entire customer journey. To enhance the experience, optimize the journey.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

PBJ Marketing provides conversion rate optimization services that increase the percentage – or number - of visitors who take action on your landing page. These actions can include a potential customer contacting you (“contact us”), filling out a formal request for quote (RFQ), completing a lead form extension, calling you directly, placing an order, and any action that generates actionable leads, opportunities, and revenue.

PBJ Marketing’s conversion rate optimization approach is continually raising the bar on your landing page’s performance to generate higher returns. This is our promise to you, our customer.

For us, it is never a one-time event or about using antiquated approaches. We won’t stop improving conversion rates until you are 100% satisfied. It takes a committed, tech-savvy team with the knowledge, digital know-how, and follow-through capabilities to reach that all-important summit.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Matters

So, why do conversion rates matter?

Isn’t it just about sending as much traffic to the landing page as possible?

There are plenty of digital marketing firms that adopt this mindset. For them, increasing traffic will increase the conversion rate – but that doesn’t mean your conversion rate is optimized.

Optimizing your conversion rates means increasing the number of leads, actions, and opportunities for every dollar your company spends on a digital ad. The higher the conversion rate or percentage, the more leads and contacts your page generates and the less you pay to generate each of those leads.

For PBJ Marketing, our conversion rate optimization services use a holistic approach to improving your landing page’s performance; strong keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), excellent sales copy, search engine marketing (SEM), and multiple digital advertising platforms and channels all play a critical role.

What KPIs do we track?

PBJ Marketing tracks multiple KPIs to define what strategies produce the best results. We then analyze the data at a microscopic level, looking for any sign that a course correction might be needed.

PBJ Marketing establishes and tracks KPIs on the amount of traffic generated, the landing page’s bounce rates, page exits, the average time on the page, the number of leads generated, and of course, the conversion rates.

  • Amount of Traffic Generated.
  • Landing Page Bounce Rate.
  • Page Exits.
  • Average Time on the Page.
  • Number of Leads Generated.
  • Conversion Rate.

PBJ’s approach

PBJ Marketing adopts a customer-centric approach to every customer we work for. Our focus is to generate more traffic, improve conversion rates, grow your company’s PageRank in search engines, and continually improve your marketing ROI by consistently developing higher returns for each dollar you spend.

  • Discovery: PBJ Marketing uses Google Analytics to discover how, when, and why people are not converting.
  • Conversion Audit: We conduct a thorough, top-down analysis of conversion rates for your website and each landing page.
  • Preliminary Recommendations: We supply customers with a customized list and summary of recommendations that we hypothesize will significantly impact your page’s performance.
  • Testing: PBJ Marketing runs several multivariate tests (A/B tests) and provides a heatmap to validate and certify that our recommendations and suggestions are working. We then share these test results with you, so you’re fully aware of the results.
  • Insights and Results: We constantly provide our customers with insight, suggestions, and results to ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of the ultimate goal.
  • Implementation: Only after our customers are happy with our recommendations and have signed off on our optimization strategy do we enact the plan while immediately tracking results.

What we test

We test multiple variables in real-time to identify the critical adjustment that will make all the difference. This ability to read and react immediately is always done with our customer’s best interests in mind, and they are always aware of our findings.

  • Calls to Action: Coming up with a good CTA takes time, research, and analysis, which is why we constantly test CTA verbiage, button colors, fonts, and CTA placement.
  • Forms: We make it easy for your customers to fill out forms by eliminating redundant questions, non-value-added fields, and elongated forms.
  • Landing Page Copy: PBJ Marketing deep dives into the effectiveness of the page’s message, the keywords used, and whether the page copy captures your audience’s attention.
  • Placement of Elements: Our heat maps are the critical tool PBJ Marketing uses to test the placement of high-definition imagery, engaging videos, critical buttons, forms, fonts, colors, and CTA.

Maximize your site’s ROI with conversion rate optimization services

In the end, PBJ Marketing is a different kind of digital agency. The thoroughness of our approaches, our in-depth strategies, and the strength of our results are backed by a dedicated team of digital strategists.

Every digital strategist is constantly trained on all our services, best practices, and strategies while always keeping an eye out for emerging digital marketing trends.

If you want to work with a proactive digital agency that focuses solely on your needs, contact us now.


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