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A brand’s marketing is only as good as its entire customer journey. To enhance the experience, optimize the journey. Explore our conversion rate optimization services to improve your funnel from visitor to lead to paying customer.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

We provide conversion rate optimization services that increase the percentage – or number - of visitors who take action on your landing pages. These actions can include a potential customer contacting you through a form on your website, completing a lead form extension, calling you directly, placing an order, and any action that generates actionable leads, opportunities, and revenue.

Enhancing user engagement and site traffic often depends on the quality of visitors and product presentation. Luckily, PBJ Marketing provides CRO services for converting users and SEO services for organic user attraction, empowering businesses to improve these metrics.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Matters

So, why do conversion rates even matter? Isn’t it just about sending as much traffic to the landing page as possible? The short answer is "no."

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies that adopt this mindset. For them, increasing traffic will increase the conversion rate, but that isn't necessarily true.

As mentioned, sometimes this occurs if you can exponentially improve the quality of your traffic through high-intent content. But this requires a sophisticated content strategy in conjunction with an enhanced CRO strategy.

Optimizing conversion rates involves creating a user experience tailored to turn visitors into engaged users. Higher rates generate more leads from existing and new traffic, possibly converting into paying customers. Remember, leads indicate opportunity, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that the leads entering your funnel are of high quality for better conversion opportunities.

Our conversion rate optimization services uses a data-backed approach to improve your landing page’s performance. We will set up A/B tests and heat mapping to test lead forms, buttons, verbiage, color, placement and more.

Our Approach to CRO

As a professional CRO agency, we adopt a customer-centric approach to every customer we work with. That's why our testing is flexible and tailored to fit your needs. Our focus is to generate more leads and improve conversion rates across your entire website. Our tactics include:

  • Discovery: we review your data in Google Analytics to understand where and why people are not converting, identifying patterns and areas for improvement in user behavior and engagement.
  • Conversion Audit: We conduct a thorough, top-down analysis of conversion opportunities on your website and specific landing pages, identifying bottlenecks and areas with the most potential for improvement.
  • Preliminary Recommendations: We supply customers with a customized list and summary of recommendations that we hypothesize will significantly impact your page’s performance, providing actionable insights to boost conversions.
  • Testing: We set up and run multivariate tests (A/B tests) and provide a heatmap to test our recommendations, allowing for comprehensive analysis and validation of proposed optimizations.
  • Insights and Results: Once testing is complete, we will share these test results with you and decide together what optimizations to implement, ensuring transparency and collaboration in the decision-making process.
  • Implementation: Once we have collectively signed off on the optimization strategy, we will implement the optimizations and begin tracking results, ensuring seamless execution and ongoing monitoring for performance improvements.

What Conversion Factors We Test and Measure

Depending on your needs, we can test multiple variables, including:

  • CTA (call-to-action) button verbiage, color psychology, and strategic placement within the layout.
  • Optimization of form length and strategic placement to enhance user interaction and completion rates.
  • Introduction and assessment of new elements aimed at refining user experience and engagement.
  • Content analysis and modifications to ensure relevance, clarity, and effectiveness in driving conversions.

Maximize Your Website’s ROI With Our Conversion Rate Optimization Services

We are a different breed of digital marketing agency. Our data-backed approach, heavily researched strategies, and strength of our results have made us and our clients successful.

All of our digital strategists are well-versed in Google's best practices and create effective strategies all while keeping an eye out for emerging digital marketing trends.

If you want to work with a proactive conversion rate optimization agency that focuses solely on your needs, contact us now.

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