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Foremost Medical Equipment

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Foremost Medical Equipment (FME) is an eCommerce business that provides new and recertified equipment, devices, and supplies to the international medical community.

FME knew they were not succeeding at the level they wanted in AdWords, PPC, and Organic SEO. They also knew their website had purchase flow challenges. FME needed an agency to shine some light on their digital footprint and provide strategic consultation. Previous firms they worked with just didn't understand their business well, and FME was wasting money.

Our Strategy

Talking almost every day in the beginning, we started with a comprehensive under-the-hood audit and assessment of all three target areas (PPC, SEO, and Website). The client had no idea what was coming, but boy, were they appreciative. We identified multiple red flags that were cause for concern for the brand. We then put forth an immediate action plan along with a long-term growth strategy to address those red flags and begin optimizing.

FME now considers us a part of the family. We know everything about their products, where they want to spend, and how they want to spend. We have taken a comprehensive approach to how we're spending their money and ensuring the brand is getting the biggest bang for their buck!

Within the first 30 days, we performed extensive work on the website to get it SEO-friendly by renaming product photos and descriptions, improving search filters, and improving the overall UI/UX, especially with how customers interacted with the cart.

Results Worth Bragging About



Unique website visitors, up 81% from the prior year!


Increase in Revenue


Record High

Online Sales

Hear what our Clients have to say

The most impressive part was how well they worked with our other agency partners. PBJ was the original Agency-of-Record in charge. They were one of several agencies as this was a very big online and offline campaign. PBJ didn't stop at just what they were tasked with, PPC and SEO, they provided consultation and added-value to the entire marketing footprint. Towards the end of the program, they assumed an acting AOC role. The other very impressive part was their quick turnaround and detailed level of reporting. They even helped us match online engagement/conversions with actual in-store visits. They also provided us with weekly reports for each specific dealership that cross referenced digital marketing leads with dealership visits and sales.
The project management was superb. PBJ was always reachable either by email, phone, chat, or video and always responded usually the same day or first thing the next morning. The had a very detailed project management process and tools with an interactive online Gantt timeline, Slack for informal conversations, live-feed data dashboards for real-time KPI reporting, and Google shared docs for note-taking.
We did not give our agencies much time to prep and launch, but PBJ was able to move fast and hit the ground running. Campaigns were launched almost immediately. Month-over-month performance of campaigns always improved. Within 6 months, ROAS improved by nearly 60%. By the end of the fiscal year, our paid media KPIs performed 20% higher the year-end goal.

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Increase in Instagram likes.

YoY Sales Up.

Increase in ROAS

Increase in Revenue

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Increase in Ad Clicks

Increase in Ad Clicks

Increase in conversions

Conversion Rate.

Increase in leads within the first 3 months

Improved Conversions

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Increase in Paid Media Web Traffic

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Increase in Instagram Likes

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Increase in Sales

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