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Phillip Reinhardt

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Yale Medicine is the clinical practice of the Yale School of Medicine. They are the largest academic multi-specialty practice in New England. For our first engagement with Yale Med, we focused on their Fertility Clinic which was no where to be found in Search results and was seeing a steady decline in website traffic.


Facebook Targeting 
People with interest in parental magazine, reproductive health, reproductive medicine, pregnancy, fertility, adoption, LGBTQ adoption, LGBTQ couples, and other similar options. 

Google Search Targeting
High volume as well as relevant keywords such as ivf, male fertility, fertility centers, AMH test, female fertility, Yale fertility, egg donation, fertility doctors etc.


Facebook: Brand Awareness Campaign
Facebook offers a variety of granular targeting which enables to get to individuals from different interest groups, communities, backgrounds etc. We wanted to utilize different images for different audience groups that way the ads are all the more relevant to the target audience. This also ensures we are maximizing the impact of our ads.

Google Search: Brand Awareness Campaign
Here we are relying on our target audience to search for keywords that most pertain to our content which will trigger our ads on Google’s search result page. So key strategy is to think like our audience would think when searching for a Fertility center and bid on those keywords to target them.

Results Worth Bragging About.

$3 avg.

Low Facebook Cost-Per-Click

$1.70 avg.

Low Google Cost-Per-Click


Clicks to their Website!

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We continually reach our benchmarks and have to set new ones. More people are reading our content, which has increased their time on page and also decreased the bounce rate. PBJ Marketing not only runs ads, but they also optimize them.