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The Lamp NYC

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Google AdWords Grant for Nonprofits

Google offers 501(c)(3) nonprofits a $10,000 per month grant (that means FREE) AdWords advertising spend to help promote their mission and grow their Google search result pages. An AdWords Grant can help promote a variety of Call-To-Actions such as raise general awareness, promote a special cause, or drive donations. There’s really no strings attached.                        Click to learn more.

The Lamp is dedicated to teaching youth, parents and educators to comprehend, create and critique media technology in the media-saturated world today. Already having an AdWords grant, the existing campaign setup was a mess driving minimal traffic. Their grant was in jeopardy. Additionally, their email marketing open rates were drastically underperforming. They needed help!

Our Achievements (within 3 months):

2MM+ Ad Views 

New people who viewed ads promoting The Lamps education program in NYC schools (220% increase in view rate)

353% Improved CTR

Our campaigns drove a 45% Click-Through-Rate, which was an overall 353% improvement (FYI, that’s pretty unheard of)

600% Engagement 

Within 3 days of their new Grant Pro, The Lamp received more website hits than they’ve seen in 30 days –Like…whoa