Nationwide Coils Case Study

Phillip Reinhardt

Case Studies | Pay-Per-Click Advertising

“We've worked with PBJ for several years now and each month they continue to raise their own bar bringing new campaign ideas to the table, all the while lowering costs and increasing MoM conversions!" ~VP of Marketing

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A leading commercial HVAC coil manufacturer and supplier of custom and replacement heat transfer products, NWC had two challenges.  First, not just to get a volume of leads, rather qualifying leads.Second, maximize the search potential for important product lines.


Top-of-Funnel Approach
Enhanced targeting paired with optimized bid strategy to maximize reach, improve conversions, while controlling costs.

Bottom-of-Funnel Approach
Set-up call tracking to gauge the lead quality and identify potential opportunities top of the funnel to improve lead quality.


Google Search & Display Ads
- Analyzed search terms to identify new targeting as well as refine existing which helped filter quality leads.
- Optimized bid strategy to secure high-ranking ad position along with a target CPA.
- Together, this resulted in increased conversions by 4.2 times.

Bing Search & Display Ads
- Perfected Google Ads strategy first to eventually mimic the same in Bing and tap into similar audiences.

Results Worth Bragging About.


Conversion Rate Increase


Costs Reduction

Record Sales

Year-Over-Year... Boom.

Hear What Our Client Has To Say...

We’ve seen the biggest impact in AdWords and PPC. They’ve done a phenomenal job. We consider them part of our company. We just got the SEO started. In terms of PPC, we’ve had our highest revenue month ever as a company online, so to us that’s a huge indicator. We’ve seen our transactions become higher in revenue dollars, and we’re spending less for them.

Before PBJ, we had a lot of transactions, but the return on the ad spend was much smaller. Now, we’re getting big-ticket, high-dollar items coming through online, so that’s really something that we care about. With our website, sometimes people just come in for information because they want to get a quote or they need pricing or something. We’ve seen an uptick in high-ticket items being requested for quotes. We know that we are seeing fantastic results based on our history as a company.