MedStar Health Case Study

Phillip Reinhardt

Case Studies | Social Media Marketing

MedStar Health’s social channels transformed from largely inactive, to a hub of engagement and conversation.

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CRT is one of the world’s leading interventional cardiology conferences that is attended by more than 3,000 interventional and endovascular specialists yearly. The conference, held each year in Washington, DC, serves as a forum for physician and health-care professional education about new cardiovascular technology and interventional procedures in the field. They came to us looking to set up a strong social presence to inform their audience about the upcoming CRT conference, as well as provide our audience with the latest news in interventional cardiology.


We first took a deep dive into their current social media accounts to investigate their low engagement. We discovered that an old agency had run non targeted ad campaigns to help pad their follower statistics month over month. This led to CRT having a social following made up of an audience uninterested in their topic matter. Thus, we began working to help improve this audience problem by creating brand awareness campaigns that targeted our exact market and informed them about CRT. We also used a highly targeted boosting campaign for organic posts to ensure our social posts were seen by our intended audience, which is very niche.  

Additionally, we set up a well-rounded content calendar to make sure social content was being shared regularly. Our social content played two main roles. One, inform our audience about all CRT announcements, create excitement around the event, and drive registration. Two, share the most recent interventional cardiology news and videos of key thought leaders in the field with our audience.


Through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we were able to create a strong and consistent social presence that our audience could rely on. Our social sites became a hub for interventional cardiologists to learn the latest news in their field and interact with one another. 

We also created excitement around the CRT conference and prepared people with all the registration information and conference agenda details beforehand. Due to our audience’s trust that we had worked to earn by making active social pages, we found that our social channels were a key avenue for our audience to reach out to us and get their questions answered.

During the conference itself, the social channels served as a very successful medium to showcase all the events and speakers, and also inform our audience of any last-minute announcements. We were additionally able to share a consistent stream of content from attendees at the conference.


We saw a dramatic increase in social activity that pinnacled at the conference as people talked about and shared their experiences while they were there. We had been able to transform our social channels from largely inactive, to a hub of engagement and conversation. See examples below.