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On February 22, 2021 Futurebiotics’ Facebook page had 1,222 likes. As of January 1st, 2022 followers increased by 2,311 to bring the page to 3,533 likes (189% increase).


On February 22, 2021, Futurebiotics’ Instagram page had 59 followers. As of January 1st, 2022 followers increased by 532 to bring the page to 591 followers ( 902% increase).


Futurebiotics is committed to helping customers live healthier lives through better nutrition.

They offer a wide variety of premium dietary supplements to address specific conditions as well as for general nutritional purposes. Their products are based on the latest scientific research, offering the finest ingredients nature has to offer for the highest quality vitamins for customers and their families.

Their goal for us was to set up a strong social media presence that informed consumers about their many products and the benefits of each, provide value to our audience by posting interesting content, and driving users to their website to purchase their products.


We did a deep analysis of the brand to fully understand its voice and values. Once completed, we conceptualized multiple content campaigns that aligned with Futurebiotics’ goals.

We put a strong emphasis on creating content that not only gave background on Futurebiotics products, but also helped increase brand credibility. These included posts that featured specific products and explained all the benefits, testimonials from current customers, and valuable health facts.

In order to introduce the brand to new customers, we launched a multitude of brand awareness campaigns and a boosted post strategy towards our target audience. This helped them find a new group of engaged users interested in their product offerings.


By creating a comprehensive social content calendar, Futurebiotics was able to release a constant stream of social content. We actively analyzed the performance of each piece to see what content campaigns performed best to enable us to optimize and create more content consistent with our top performers. We also made sure that their social platforms were aligned with their active email marketing campaigns.

We were able to grow a very engaged audience that visited our social pages to learn more about the brand and ask us questions about different products. Their social platforms became more than a place for information, but also a place where users could directly connect and contact the brand. 

We were also successfully able to drive large amounts of traffic to their website through our social campaigns, which included promoting different discounts that our followers could use.


PBJ transformed Green Gobbler from a brand with almost no social media presence to one that had a very engaged follower base that would advocate on behalf of the products and contribute to our online conversations. We were also able to consistently get Green Gobbler’s products to rank as the #1 search result for a variety of key industry terms.

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