Belcara Health Case Study

Phillip Reinhardt

Case Studies | Social Media Advertising

“PBJ looked at what our competitors were doing and we were NOT doing and implemented a smart lead capturing campaign. We’ve seen a 300% increase in website leads from PBJ’s efforts.

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Belcara Health is a unique, multidisciplinary practice where patients in Baltimore, Maryland can access plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, and wellness services under the same roof.

Belcara’s Plastic Surgery division was seeing stagnant growth in new patient appointments and they desperately needed to improve their online lead capture and nurturing funnel. 


Through a very targeted Facebook lead capture campaign, we incentivized qualified customers to submit their contact information in order to download interesting and informative content. Each new submission then entered into an inbound model that nurtured each lead through the consumer lifecycle.


Content: Dissemination & Link-building
Ongoing development of new, engaging content disseminated through a new Paid Media lead magnet on Facebook as well as SEO link-building that resulted in Belcara’s overall website traffic increasing by more than 300% and annual revenue increasing 53%.

Facebook: Lead Generation Campaign
Developed and launched a “Facial Contouring Guide” Download campaign and achieved an average Conversion Rate of 16.24% while increasing Facebook leads by 280%.

AdWords: Search, Video, & Remarketing
Optimized and expanded upon existing AdWords campaigns, helping to improve overall client leads by 25x. Increased average Conversion Rate by 82% while lowering Cost-Per-Lead by 357%.

Results Worth Bragging About.

53% +

INCREASE in Annual Revenue


REDUCTION in Cost-Per-Lead


INCREASED Conversion Rate