Arcus Foundation Case Study

Arcus Foundation

David Bosley

Case Studies

Arcus Foundation, 2016

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Google AdWords Grant for Nonprofits

Google offers 501(c)(3) nonprofits a $10,000 per month grant (that means FREE) AdWords advertising spend to help promote their mission and grow their Google search result pages. An AdWords Grant can help promote a variety of Call-To-Actions such as raise general awareness, promote a special cause, or drive donations. There’s really no strings attached. Click to learn more.

PBJ helped secure a $10,000 Google AdWords Grant for the prestigious Arcus Foundation, dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. PBJ launched a very targeted, four-month AdWords campaign focused on brand awareness nationwide.

Our Achievements (within 4 months):

1.3MM+ Impressions 

People viewed LGBT and Great Ape Conservation targeted ads (Impressions)

5,753 Clicks

People clicked on the ads to LEARN MORE on Arcus web properties (Clicks)

28% Engagement 

AdWords become the #2 source of all website traffic, driving 28% of overall visits