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Acuantia is the parent company of Tank Depot and Plastic Mart, two of the world’s largest suppliers of water, chemical, vertical, and septic tanks. Unhappy with their recent performance, we were tasked with helping them to achieve the monthly revenue goals at their stores around the country by increasing the total number of inbound calls they received to facilitate their offline sales.


Revenue/Phone Calls

By identifying the top-selling SKUs, product categories, and brands, we were able to create highly effective dedicated shopping campaigns. Then we utilized Performance Max to test and tweak these campaigns for key products and categories with tailored audience signals. Find a sample of the high-priority keywords below:

  • “Water Tanks”
  • “IBC Totes”
  • “Septic Tanks”



In-Store Boost

To drive in-store sales, we created separate shopping, search, and display campaigns to target the areas around each location utilizing both Google Display and Facebook. Separate call tracking numbers were implemented to improve our reporting and analysis. We also created an accurate shopping feed based on each store’s standard inventory.

Seasonal Campaigns

During our research of the client’s historic sales, we noted that the demand for certain SKUs rose dramatically during hurricane season. With this insight in mind, we implemented more awareness campaigns before and during this time, targeting the areas most heavily affected by the storms. We also used this knowledge to improve the quality of the clients landing pages improving ROI.


  • Sales increased by 55.28%
  • ROAS increased by 30.52%
  • Total Phone Calls increased by 15.70%