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David Bosley

Case Studies | AdWords Grant for Nonprofits

“We always knew we were doing good in the world, but could never effectively quantify it.
PBJ has truly helped take our organization to a whole new level.” ~Director of Global Communications

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The Client.

The Challenge.

Dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world, Arcus Foundation is a leading global grant-maker to non-profit organizations focused on conservation, social justice and LGBT rights.

A relatively new charity foundation founded in 2000 with two distinct programs: LGBT Social Justice and Great Apes Conservation, Arcus Foundation aimed to increase awareness of its social and environmental causes, to amplify digital impacts of its grantees’ projects, and to boost its social media engagement.

Before working with PBJ, the foundation already had a user-friendly website, a series of original publications and a solid social following. Its challenge was to introduce its mission to a broader audience to generate meaningful debates and eventually propell policy changes.

After an extensive audit on the website properties and social media accounts of Arcus Foundation, we determined that the largest and most sustainable opportunity for the foundation’s digital impact growth rested in its original content.

Our Strategy.

We believed if we could utilize the Google AdWords Search Network to connect people who are already researching about social justice and conservation related topics to Arcus’ library of relevant resources and information, we would be able to cultivate a community of readership and potential brand advocates who repeatedly return to engage with and support Arcus’ grantees work.

PBJ secured an AdWords GrantsPro for Arcus, which awarded the foundation up to $40,000 monthly advertising budget to spend on Google AdWords. Over the course of a year-long engagement, PBJ built out an entire ecosystem of search campaigns closely related to the foundation’s mission and causes, PBJ launched a series of content-focused campaigns with ad copies customized to individual Publications, Stories of Impact, Blogs, and Reports on and

In addition, to assist the third annual online charity event “Giving Day for Apes” co-sponsored by the foundation in support of great apes sanctuaries and rescue centers, PBJ orchestrated a sequence of highly targeted two-week Facebook advertising campaigns to encourage donation.

Key Successes in 2017:


Increase in New Visitors


Increased Session Duration


Increase in Goal Completions


Increase in Publication Downloads!!!

Giving Day for Apes Campaign, 2017.

220 Donors

2x as many donors as last year

$17,240 Raised

Facebook-only targeting campaign 

8.62x ROI

Brand’s generated return on ad spend