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Phillip Reinhardt

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FactoryPure is an e-commerce retailer brand providing home improvement and power equipment tools. They realized their previous agency wasn’t utilizing their budget efficiently and they were losing out on sales.

Our focus has been to optimize their top sellers, Generators, which account for more than half of their revenue while continuing to improve sales of other product types and categories.


Google Shopping: Selecting the Right Bid Strategy
FactoryPure’s shopping ads were missing out on sales and not getting enough clicks to begin with due to the incorrect bid strategy that was chosen. By switching over to automated bid strategy, their ads started receiving more impressions and clicks which consequently resulted in increased revenue without increasing their CPC. The overall cost per conversion was also brought down by 11.56%.

Google Search: Maximize Ad Impressions
We wanted to maximize all of the ad impressions we could get! While the previous agency was bidding on the FactoryPure brand name, which always brings in easy conversions, they were missing out on people looking for specific products (i.e. brand and model name) which were a low hanging fruit. Our strategy was to introduce advanced bid strategies and automated campaign structures to boost sales.


Google Shopping
We gave a major overhaul to their shopping campaign structure. In their older campaigns, products were segmented by profit margin which made it difficult to identify which products are tucked under each campaign. We segmented all their products by Product Type, assigning dedicated daily budget depending on seasonality and demand. This also allowed for better reporting data and more efficient access to products for bid adjustments.

Google Search
We introduced campaigns that bid on high intent keywords such as brand + model # combinations of top sellers such as generators. We also introduced automated campaigns such as Dynamic Search Ads to automatically run ads for Generators depending on the search term. 


Comparing the 7 months under PBJ vs same period the previous year, we increased campaign ROAS by 40% and increased company revenue up 189.54%! 

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