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Digital Media

The digital space is always changing. Consumer intent, the landscape, and platforms always evolving.
PBJ has the right people, technology, and approach to ensure you’re at the forefront of digital innovation.

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Google Ads

AdWords is a powerful platform reaching audiences in the hundreds of millions. But it’s complex, and easy for companies to inefficiently manage their ad dollars. Managing these programs requires expertise, bar none.

As a Certified Google Agency Partner agency, we meet and adhere to Google’s highest standards and best practices. This ensures you have Google certified PPC strategies managing your campaigns. With decades of experience in managing PPC campaigns focused on increasing engagement, leads, and revenue, we’ll help you reach and surpass any paid search objective.

Paid Media (PPC)

Paid media is a good way of opening doors, even if just a crack, that would otherwise stay closed. For some users, a promoted post or tweet will be their first exposure to your business or brand. Whether yours is a new venture fresh on the scene or already well established, the opportunity to spread your brand as widely as possible should be a top goal.

Your content, even if paid for, will still potentially get clicks and perhaps even followers, leading to earned clicks in the future. The best part? All of the results of your paid media efforts can be all tracked from clicks to even mouse movements. You’ll know where every cent of your paid media efforts go and the ROI you’re receiving

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach your target audience when they are ready to buy. Research shows that 90 percent of online searches are conducted by people who are at the end of the buying cycle.

Done properly, SEM will get your ads in front of your target audience with content that is highly relevant to them, all for free until they click on your ad.

Social Media Marketing

Showing people what your brand’s personality and what you stand for is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. Social media gives you the perfect platform to do it. Through the content you share, the way you interact with your audience and your overall presence, you can showcase exactly what your brand is all about.

BUT… Social Media as a marketing channel requires a strategic, data-driven approach to activation with targeting, messaging, and KPIs that are tailored to a brand’s audience and objectives.

eCommerce Marketing

We offer comprehensive programs to boost your online business and develop a tailored online marketing strategy that works best for you. In a fast-paced, ever-changing online retail world, there is no single set of rules that apply to all.

We know your goal is to stand out from the pack and maximize sales, and therefore our goal is to understand what makes your online store unique, and then implement the best strategy to help you gain more visibility and attract the right shoppers.