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Digital Media Services: Paid Media and PPC

Strategic campaign setup and proactive, dedicated management and
reporting are critical in the pay-per-click space.

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    A Team of Proven Paid Media Strategists

    At PBJ Marketing, we do paid media management a little differently. We could tell you, like many digital advertising agencies, we put a strong focus on measuring results and improving performance in order to ensure a maximum return on investment. But we’d prefer to talk about the unique approach to bottom-line growth, depth of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) knowledge, and track record of success that sets us apart.

    We’re proud to have a team of fully certified PPC aficionados under our belt. Our core team of full-time PPC experts, two creative shops, and three development partners gives us and our clients 24/7, 360° support.

    We’re also proud to represent client partners in a variety of B2C, B2B, and non-profit industries, including professional services, e-commerce, super PACs, food and beverage, high-fashion, real estate, and manufacturing. No matter the industry or years of experience, we help all companies evolve and respond to the changing needs of their markets.

    We also know that PPC management comes with its fair share of complexities. In order to create PPC campaigns that outperform the competition, we take proactive, round-the-clock monitoring measures and web analytics seriously.

    Our Paid Media Tactics:

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    Paid Media Success Stories!
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