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Native Ads

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Native Advertising

We provide you with a simple, scalable Native solution that adds a personal
touch to your advertising to tell a consistent story across devices.

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The Benefits of Native Advertising.

Not only are consumers 25% more likely to look at a native advertisements, but they are also 53% more likely to actually engage with that advertisement in a positive and potentially profitable way.

What is Native Advertising?

Native Ads have been used for years, but not all marketers are familiar with the concept, and hence haven’t hopped on board yet. In simple words, it’s a form of marketing where a paid ad is placed naturally into surrounding content without disrupting the user experience. Native ads mix with the visual element and overall content, appearing as though they’re part of it.

What are the Benefits of Native Advertising?

In our advertising-saturated world, consumers have become very savvy. They recognize advertising from a mile away and, except for Super Bowl ads, avoid it like the plague. Additionally, consumers tend to view the information imparted within ads skeptically. Since someone is paying to have something printed, said, or acted, who knows how much fact checking went into the project before it went live.

Native advertising was developed to combat both of these issues. By looking like the content around it, native advertising camouflages the marketing messages so that they look and sound like editorial content. This blending effect makes it more likely that native ads will be perceived as editorial content leading to powerful benefits:

  • Customers Feel Empowered, and Marketers are in Control

    Customers hate ads for a number of reasons. Some despise them due to distractions, while some hate ads due to false information. Native ads organically reveal themselves as a solution or an answer to a consumer’s online intent.

  • High Engagement.

    This is the biggest reason to use native advertising. According to reports, native advertising is more engaging than traditional display advertising, with banner ads falling in popularity and reaching a CTR of around 0.07 percent.

  • Native Content May Get More Shares.

    Since native ads are woven into content that is informative, it has a chance of going viral. People usually shy away from sharing content that looks promotional, whereas they happily share informational content.

Native ads are expected to be the next big thing in the world of digital marketing, so start taking advantage today and let us develop for you an effective advertising strategy!


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