Urban Libraries Council

The Urban Library Council (ULC) is an association of North American public libraries, focused on innovation in the library and professional development support for library leaders. We designed and developed the ULC website to be a resource for both prospective and active association members. 

The website includes an Innovations directory, which is populated with user-generated content submitted by libraries. Each year, ULC holds an open invitation for libraries to submit innovative programming for consideration in their Innovation Awards.

  • Users are able to nominate themselves by filling out a public form with details of their program.
  • Form submissions are stored within the website database as a draft entry
  • Upon administrative approval, the entry becomes publicly available on the website
  • The directory includes filters for Year, Category, and Award Status, allowing visitors to browse the catalog of programs
  • Categories for programming include topics such as:
    • Anti-Racism, Digital Equity and Inclusion
    • Advocacy & Awareness
    • Data & Performance Management
    • Democracy
    • Education
    • Health & Wellness
    • Operations & Management
    • Workforce & Economic Development
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Leader in medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders with several locations across Maryland.
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