MATClinics, a leader in medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders with several locations across Maryland, required a website overhaul to overcome the limitations posed by their previous Squarespace platform. They sought a more flexible solution that not only facilitated digital marketing initiatives but also mirrored the depth of their brand and the meaningful relationships they nurture with their patients.

To meet MATClinics’ need for a robust digital presence, we designed and developed a new website using Webflow, providing the necessary flexibility and enhanced capabilities that Squarespace lacked. The new website focuses on a patient-centric approach, specifically tailored to guide visitors towards scheduling appointments effortlessly.

Our design philosophy for MATClinics emphasized a clean, professional, yet calming aesthetic to resonate with the core demographics. We utilized a harmonious blend of photography featuring their actual clinics and carefully selected stock images that depict a positive, peaceful, and fulfilling post-rehabilitation lifestyle. This visual strategy not only enhances the site’s appeal but also aligns with the uplifting journey of recovery that MATClinics promotes.

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Urban Libraries Council

Association of North American public libraries, focused on innovation in the library and professional development support for library leaders.
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Cast Connex

Architectural engineering firm that designs and manufactures cast steel connectors for architecturally-exposed steel structures.

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