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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

David Bosley

Mobile Friendly Website ImageWhy You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

As smartphones and other handheld devices gain market share, the importance of a mobile friendly website has never been more prevalent than it is today.  Unfortunately, many website owners overlook mobile strategies and by doing so are missing out on great opportunities to reach potential clients, customers or viewers.  Many more people are using smartphones and similar devices as the preferred method of getting online and in order to reach those people, a mobile friendly website is vital.

Mobile Statistics

In order to get a better idea of how important a mobile friendly website is, consider the following statistics:

– An estimated 46% of US internet users use mobile devices for their primary connection to the internet.
– Half of all users start their search for products, services or information online via a mobile device and more than 25% of those people use the device for the entire search process right through to conversion.
– One third of smartphone users are using their mobile device specifically in search of contact information.
– No single screen size carries more than 20% of the market share for internet traffic.
– 25% of all internet searches are performed via a mobile device.

A Mobile Friendly Website

So, what do you have to do to get your website optimized for mobile?  Now that you know it’s important to make a good impression and to maximize on the many benefits of mobile search, consider the steps necessary to achieve a mobile friendly website that reaches your potential customers with ease.  An Adwords consultant can help to integrate appropriate use of Adwords services into the overall strategy of designing a mobile friendly site. Further tasks include:

– Designing with a small approach in mind.
– Keeping navigation simple and easy to read.
– Incorporating click-to-call features, location information and similar mobile features.
– Prioritizing usability and the user experience.

As any experienced website owner or marketer knows, showing up in search is about more than having a mobile friendly or PC friendly website. Strong attention to detail is necessary in every element of on-page and off-page SEO.  Even mobile friendly websites can have trouble outranking their competitors in mobile searches and may not reach their maximum potential without a little boost.  Adwords professionals can suggest ways in which Adwords for mobile can work for your website providing a mobile interface for Android, iPhone and various handheld devices.

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