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The 3 Pillars of Social Media Content Production

Social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are fantastic outlets to share your brand’s content, but there should be considerable differences between the types of content you’re posting on each one.The success of certain content on Facebook might not translate to success on LinkedIn, while Instagram skews towards images, rather than text (obviously). So before you post social media content on the wrong outlet that’s doomed to fail, consider the following advice regarding exactly what different social media audiences look for on each site.

  1. FacebookAccording to a study conducted by Boston University, the vast majority of Facebook users log in for two primary reasons: the need to belong and the need for self-presentation. In fact, a second study conducted by Statistaindicates that the primary reason a user logs into Facebook every day is to "like" content. As such, visual content that’s easy to digest, and subsequently like, performs the best on the social network. This includes quotes, fun facts, comics, and cartoons.
  2. LinkedInIt’s our honest position that the power of LinkedIn is severely underestimated – and we’ll prove it to you. Data from EConsultancy shows that LinkedIn referrals account for nearly two-thirds of all social referrals to corporate home pages. Because LinkedIn caters to the business world, the most in-demand content is industry insights, which gives you a stable platform to share your ideas and become an industry thought leader. But Remember, because you’re catering to the business crowd, avoid posting evenings, late afternoons, and weekend – keep it to office hours.
  3. InstagramSince Instagram is a photo-sharing social network, your content type will naturally be more restricted. Engagement among Instagram users is high, it’s overwhelmingly smartphone based, and an audience with a short attention span is perfect for photo sharing. With these three aspects in mind, numerous types of Instagram content drive engagement. According to a blog post from Wishpond, customer-centric photos perform best, followed by employee-centric photos and Instagram contest photos.
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