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Online Shopping Spike Expected, Is Your Website Ready?

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s not even Halloween yet, and we already see Christmas decorations on display at stores across the country. Although many of us would prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to think about the holidays, it’s never too late to ensure your digital platform is prepped to handle the busy shopping season.


According to a recent report from the National Retail Federation, holiday sales activity is expected to spike by 3.7% this year to $630.5 billion. Meanwhile, online sales are projected to see a significant boost of approximately 7% to $105 billion.


“With several months of solid retail sales behind us, we’re heading into the all-important holiday season fully expecting to see healthy growth,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “We expect families to spend prudently and deliberately, though still less constrained than what we saw even two years ago.”


Here at PBJ, we recently asked, “Does Your Digital Strategy Drive In-Store Sales?” This is still a critical question, but with more consumers expected to conduct their holiday shopping online this year, it’s time to ensure your web infrastructure ready to handle it.


Custom Website Development

Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works.” At PBJ, we understand that User Experience is more than skin deep. Even the most visually engaging website loses its luster quickly if it’s difficult to navigate, hard to find, or thin on content. Almost anyone can build a website, but can they build a site that’s fully integrated with your marketing and servicing programs? Loads quick and plays nice with search engines? One that features the analytics and reporting you need to demonstrate maximum ROI? PBJ can – and does. And with mobile devices taking over our day-to-day interaction with the web, users are expecting exceptional mobile experiences.


iOS & Android Development

We believe in creating custom applications that not only elevate our clients’ brands and earnings, but also makes their lives a little easier. Whether it’s developing a tool to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of business intelligence or designing interactive games that entertain while increasing e-mail database enrollment, we believe in developing custom iOS and Android applications that enable our clients to work smarter, not harder.

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