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Grow Your Brand With The Help of Social Media

Phillip Reinhardt

Social media and brand recognition go hand in hand. According to research from Social Media Examiner, 92% of marketing professionals engaged in social media marketing last year and 80% indicate that their initiatives increased user traffic to their websites. However, just because so many marketing professionals are on board with social, doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.


The same report also shows that 85% of marketing professionals aren’t exactly sure what social media tools are best to use, but do recognize their benefit for increased brand recognition. A recent examination of marketing professionals by Simply Measured shows that “brand awareness” is the top goal for 71% of professionals.


Every social media outlet you utilize increases the chances for your visibility and resulting value. Simply put, social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – are channels for your brand’s voice and content. With a two-pronged approach, your brand is simultaneously more accessible for new customers while demonstrating thought leadership to current ones.


How do you know if your social efforts are working?


Analytics and metrics make it easy to measure the impact social media efforts have on users, but measuring direct ROI can be a bigger challenge. The relationship between social media brand awareness and bottom-line business results rarely have a direct line between the two. However, given enough time and a large sample size, the there is a noticeable correlation. Give PBJ a call, we’d be happy to map it out for you!  


Social Media Infrastructure

Welcome to the age of two-communication. In today’s interactive environment, we exchange more than business cards. We “bump” smartphones, swap Twitter handles (@pbj, FYI), “friend” on Facebook, and if we can’t find what we need – we Google it. Your customers are making connections in the same way. Not only are they buying products and services, but they’re also talking about them. And they’re not only telling family and friends, they’re telling the entire world. Today’s social media takes word of mouth to an entirely new level.

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