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Create Your Next CTAs With the Help of PBJ

Phillip Reinhardt


It’s simple, if you want your website to convert sales, you need to have a call to action. Actually, scratch that. You will need multiple CTAs to ensure successful marketing that you can measure.


What is a call to action?

A CTA is a prompt that calls on a user to interact with your website. When it comes to digital marketing, CTAs are usually in the form of a “button” with copy. Common types of CTAs include:

·      Buy button/”Add to cat”

·      Information-gathering forms

·      Subscription signups

·      “Read More”

·      “Try it Now”

·      Social media share buttons/widgets

·      Help/”Online Chat”


And here is where you’ll likely encounter a CTA:

·      Persistent headers

·      Pop-ups and slide-ins

·      Side panels

·      Purchase pages

·      End of page

·      Ads

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