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5 Ways to Ruin Your Mobile Engagement

The team at PBJ Marketing is great at giving advice, and we know what to do when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. However, in this blog, we’re going to address five things not to do that will significantly damage your mobile marketing efforts otherwise.Marketing Land recently outlined the tedious process of mobile marketing and its many pitfalls and missteps. But with the proper guide, you’ll be sure to avoid the following errors and strengthen your brand among mobile users.

  1. Pay attention to the right metricsThese days, there are countless outlets to measure the success of mobile marketing campaigns, but you need to pay attention to the proper data points. Some strategies yield a spike in short-term engagement that can negatively impact your brand’s lifetime value. Your campaigns need to strike a healthy compromise.
  2. You’re a spammerPush notifications are a big part of the mobile experience, but many users view them as spam or an “annoying distraction.” To alleviate this issue, avoid thinking of push notifications as just another form of messaging, and instead, deliver personalized value in the context of a mobile experience.
  3. Don’t violate your customers’ trustMobile apps and website make it very easy to build profiles on your users, and many are fine with it. However, it’s imperative to put your users’ privacy on a pedestal and protect it at all costs. Instead, use personal information gathered to create a personal and engaging experience.
  4. You developed an app and called it quitsMobile users are constantly on the go, so you need an iOS or Android app to elevate your brand and earning. Loyal customers will use your App, but new ones might hesitate to hit the download button. Before a new customer trusts your brand enough to download your app, they’ll want to check out your mobile site. Optimizing your website for mobile use is the quickest way to turn a new customer into a loyal one.
  5. You didn’t make it personalA recent Localytics survey found that the vast majority of mobile users hate a generic experience, and prefer more personalized app content and marketing messages. You know your customers better than anyone, so make them feel that way.
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