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4 Website Follies Committed by Startups

Phillip Reinhardt

4 Website Follies Committed by Startups

Startups need to make a big splash in order to stand out in today’s business environment. In a time of short attention spans and an increasingly critical audience, CNBC says there are a number of marketing blunders you can’t afford to make when growing your brand’s digital presence.

1. A new company requires a website that will attract potential customers and clients and have them coming back for more. For many startups, they think loading their site with all the bells and whistles will accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, the concept of a clean user experience is often lost in the process, and a site is suddenly difficult to navigate. In addition, a complex website can be difficult to update and quickly look dated and illegitimate.

2. Staying organized can be one of the most challenging tasks for a startup. You may think all you need is an excel sheet and calendar to keep track of marketing deadlines and a content release schedule. While this might work for some people, it’s easy for things to fall between the cracks without a marketing management system, such as BrandSystems. A small monthly fee can yield endless returns for an organized team.

3. Oftentimes companies think a concise “about us” page paints a clear picture of its culture, initiatives, and services, and while this may work for some brands, others benefit better from mixed media. Consider creating a short, to-the-point, video to embed on your home page that gets the point of your brand across to users with minimal effort.

4. Housing a blog on your main website with well-crafted content is of the utmost importance – just make sure to keep it fresh. When a potential client pokes around your website, they’re bound to stumble on your blog. If they see it hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, this could give them a negative impression of your company’s functionality and overall brand.

Utilizing professionals like the ones at PBJ Marketing can prevent your blog from becoming a time capsule, and make your brand a respected thought leader.

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