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SEO Keyword Research

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SEO Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research is one of the most important steps in your full-service SEO strategy;
it has the potential to make or break your long term SEO campaign.

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Benefits of SEO Keyword Research.

Are you unsure if you are selecting the right keywords for your website content? With our keyword research services and canonical mapping, we can help you discover the perfect keywords for your business that will send more qualified traffic, leads, and sales.

PBJ Marketing’s SEO Keyword Research Process

SEO keyword research starts with understanding how your audience thinks. PBJ Marketing will work with you to get in the heads of your target audience. We review your site’s analytics to determine which keywords are currently bringing targeted visitors to your site and which keywords produce the highest conversion rate.

Using the Google Keyword Planner Tool, we analyze the content of your site on a page-by-page basis and come up with a list of relevant keywords that we believe best reflect the content and goals of that individual page. We will present a mix of broad, mid-range and long-tail keywords that we believe your website should be targeting throughout your SEO campaign. We will also determine which pages should focus on branded keywords and which should focus on non-branded keywords.

We also look at the seasonality of your industry to determine if there are any keywords that, even though they might have a low search volume now, will prove incredibly valuable at different times of the year. We understand that every industry’s buying cycle differs in length and we take that into account when conducting keyword research.

Lastly, at PBJ Marketing we analyze you top competitors’ sites to determine what keywords they are targeting and identify any keyword opportunities that you can capitalize on. If your website is targeting a local market, we will create a localized version of each potential keyword for you to review. For instance, “SEO firm” becomes “NYC SEO firm” and “New York, NY SEO firm” in order to target a New York City search.

We want to help you see the greatest gains throughout your online marketing efforts. With our keyword research, keyword mapping and canonical mapping services, you will receive strategic and tactical recommendations to help improve how your content is found. 


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