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Evaluate Your Content Strategy in 4 Easy Steps

Your website needs great content for several reasons. It gives off a strong first impression, it helps with your site’s SEO performance, and it keeps current customers coming back time and time again to learn about the developments within your industry.In fact, a study from IPG Media Lab shows that content has a stronger recall value than almost every other form of advertising. To ensure you’re getting the best value out of your content – considering time, resources, and money – you should consider these four points.

  1. Have a strategy and govern it carefully.An approach to content with no strategy is destined to fail and will ultimately be a waste of time, resources, and money. PBJ Marketing has years of experience developing content strategies for the ground up, and we recognize that every company has a unique set of needs. Whether you want your content to represent your position as an industry thought leader, a source for the latest breaking industry news, or you want to educate potential clients about your products and services, PBJ Marketing will make it happen.
  2. Understand your customers and their engagement.In order to create compelling content, you need to first understand your users and how they engage with your content. The best way to gauge your audience’s interactions is with engagement scoring. To score engagement, you need to track site actions, such as clicks, scrolls, loads, and exits. With this rough roadmap, you will learn users’ digital habits when they interact with your content.
  3. Have you heard of content velocity?Content velocity, also known as “stickiness”, is a measurement of how long users remain on a page of your site. Before measuring these sessions, it’s important to make a few considerations. For one, your home page will probably have the best content velocity, but that’s not all that helpful. Instead, use benchmarks of site pages like your blog and product pages and give top performers the most consideration moving forward.
  4. Identify content that converts.Having a solid content strategy is great and all, but unless it’s assisting in client conversions, it’s all for naught. Examine the various channels you use to get visitors to your site, including social media, email, and banner ads among others. With this information, you can start to allocate a media budget to ensure your resources are going to the most active channels.
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