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What is Yahoo! Gemini?

So you’re running PPC campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads… what about Yahoo Gemini? Let’s break it down. 

Yahoo’s Gemini marketplace for mobile and native ads launched in February and is now the default audience option in the Yahoo self-serve advertising manager. But what is Gemini and how does it work?

Yahoo Ad Manager launched in January as a simplified platform for advertisers to buy and manage native ad products like Stream Ads, Image Ads and sponsored Tumblr posts. Gemini was added to leverage the power of mobile and native advertising together; their native ads are optimized for tablet and mobile devices.

Yahoo Gemini powers native ads that put sponsored brand content in front of Yahoo’s 400 million monthly users in contextually relevant ways.

Ok, but is it worth it?

Yahoo’s Gemini offering helps advertisers reach mobile consumers in a contextually relevant, effective way: through native ads tailored for mobile. It’s a marketplace worth considering; Yahoo has more than 430 million monthly mobile users who average 104 minutes per month.

Where Google consolidated desktop and tablet paid search with the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, Yahoo is offering advertisers the ability to manage mobile and tablet ads from a separate interface with Gemini. This is an opportunity to get more granular with your search strategy.

Below are some key reasons why you may want to consider Yahoo! Gemini Ads as a tool in the shed:

  • Cheaper Clicks!

    In my opinion, this is the most attractive feature of Gemini – cheap clicks. Whenever we launch a new client across Gemini, the ROI is insane.

  • Dedicated Yahoo! Support

    When we sign up for Gemini, we’re matched with a Yahoo! Account Executive who will help strategize with us on how to make your campaigns succeed.

  • AdWords Import Ability.

    You can now import Google AdWords campaigns into Yahoo Gemini. As of now you can’t import Bing Ads campaigns, but our rep said this was on the list for future improvements.

Ready for some traffic?

You should be, because you’ll start seeing results as soon as we get your campaigns up and running. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To talk through your goals or just to learn more…

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