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What Is Content Curation and How Can It Maximize Your SEO Efforts?

David Bosley

Content curation is a marketing strategy that is excellent for maximizing engagement with customers as well as boosting SEO ranking results. This technique consists of compiling existing digital content together to create pieces that will attract your target audience to gain the attention your business needs to raise your SEO rankings and increase sales.

Content curation is all about gathering and selecting premium content that your customers will appreciate and organizing it all in a way that gives people an insight into your opinions and thoughts about the shared curated content. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of well-played content curation, as this under-appreciated marketing tool is frequently utilized by successful marketing firms to help their clients increase brand awareness and sales. Isn’t it time your company benefited from this savvy marketing strategy?

How Does Content Curation Boost your SEO Ranking?  

Strategic content curation is a smart way for businesses to boost SEO rankings and build their online following. Savvy marketers know that to be effective, content curation must be well directed to intrigue the target audience enough to share the curated content with friends and business associates on social media and via links. The idea is to create a buzz that will get your company noticed, which in turn improves your SEO rankings. Knowing exactly what your target audience wants from you is the perfect way to be successful in your content curation campaign.

Raise your SEO ranking with content curation.

Tips for Successful Content Curation

Though there is no exact science or secret formula for the perfect content curation, there are definitely a variety of tried and true methods that have been successful for national marketing firms with major clients. Here are some tips of the trade:

Content Curation Marketing Tips

  • A Combined Effort – Some of the best and most successful content curation efforts are a combination of relevant information from a variety of resources and mediums, including videos, newsletters, studies, articles, and blogs. Don’t be afraid to join information from several sources for unique and interesting content.
  • Content is Key – Presenting useful and pertinent information that adds value for your customers will keep them coming back and give them a reason to share your content. This means higher internet search rankings and an increase in sales for you.
  • Organize Your Thoughts – It is crucial to present information to your customers in a way that is enjoyable to read and easy to digest with bullet points, bold headings, and short sentences.
  • Analyze Your Efforts – In order for you to clearly understand if your content curation efforts are reaching and intriguing your target audience, you must measure your efforts. One way is to create customer surveys so that you can analyze the results to see how effective your strategy is and what changes you need to make.
  • Promote Thyself – Once you have perfected your content, it is imperative that you promote it on social media and online to get the word out. Post links and share content anywhere you can. Not only will this help you build your brand, but it will also help your ranking in search engine results dramatically.
  • Use Available Tools – There are a variety of tools to assist you in your content curation including RSS feed managers, visual and textual content trackers, newsletter assistants, and more. Take advantage of these tools for impressive content curation.