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Big Data and the Digital Marketing Revolution

Phillip Reinhardt


A lot of people try to stay off the grid, but the moment you submit a search on Google, like a page of Facebook, or spend time browsing on Amazon.com, you’re contributing to Big Data.


In the past, marketing professionals went out of their way to target individual businesses and consumers with campaigns. But in the age of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, user activity contributes to colossal data sets that reveal patterns and trends that help companies refine their marketing strategies.


Pulling out the big (data) guns


A recent study conducted by 2nd Watch, finds that 86% of marketing professionals actively use, or plan to use, Big Data to support their digital efforts. Of this share, approximately 75% claim their use of Big Data has been either “quite” or “extremely” effective and plan to utilize it more to refine campaigns in the future.


Although the survey reveals marketing professionals across the board are down with Big Data, it also indicates that they’re split on its primary usage:


·      29% use Big Data to better understand customers

·      29% to gain a better understanding of customer preferences

·      24% to power digital marketing campaigns and promotions

·      14% drive customer-facing web and mobile apps


No matter your goals, we’re here to help


Here at PBJ Marketing, we recognize the role Big Data plays in digital marketing and we’re to help pivot your strategy to take advantage. Do you needs help with eCommerce Marketing? We’re here to help. SEO and SEM? That’s our specialty. PPC and Adwords? That was pretty much our college major.


We recognize that the common goal between all these components is conversions. We’ll dig deep into your analytics, review your web layout and optimize your entire setup. Most important, we’ll review your competitors and determine their strengths and weaknesses to leverage their hard work and drive more customers to your business.

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