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5 Reasons to Never Ignore Mobile SEO

We write about Search Engine Optimization an awful lot, but that’s only because it is SO important – especially on mobile devices. Mobile paid search has exploded over the last year, which may indicate a diminishing return on mobile SEO, but that couldn’t but further from the truth.Before you take an axe to your mobile SEO efforts, consider the following five points, courtesy of Marketing Land.

  1. First organic search results get nearly 75% more clicks than both first and second sponsored links combined.
  2. More than 90% of clicks go to the top four organic listings in mobile, compared to 84% on desktop.
  3. Organic search shares 25% of mobile site visits, almost equal to 26% of paid search site visits.
  4. Mobile search results are very diverse. In addition to 10 blue links, mobile search results include optimized apps, app store results, and accelerated mobile pages.
  5. Mobile SEO works! PBJ Marketing is here to work tirelessly to fix your brand’s mobile-friendly errors, yielding a big spike in smartphone user traffic.
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