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Whether you are new to the ecommerce world or a veteran, shopping campaigns give you a new presence on the search results page and allow you to showcase visual images of your product(s)

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The Benefits of Bing Shopping Ads

With product ads continuing to see growth year-over-year, it’s vital that advertisers utilize Shopping campaigns now more than ever. Not only do they drive additional revenue but they boost a brand’s presence on the search results page.

What are Bing Shopping Ads?

Bing Shopping campaigns are similar to those of AdWords. They allow advertisers to display their product ads on the Bing Search Network. They are currently displayed on the right-hand side of the search results page in a grid format. Each ad contains an image, price, product description, and company name. This format allows for advertisers to increase their overall presence on the search results page outside of general text ads.

Why use Bing Advertising?

Bing is the #2 most popular and known search engine on the planet, with 33% of all searches going through This creates PPC opportunities that are often overlooked in AdWords-focused campaigns.

While Bing Shopping might not have the same volume as Google, it is still one of the top 3 search engines and a great way to pick up some incremental revenue – especially if you are already running Google Shopping.

When it comes to retail advertising, there’s no question that shopping ads are huge for ROI–and we’ve had plenty of experience using Bing platforms for our client. So, are you ready to Bing-it to us? (see what I did there)

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