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Local SEO: Tips to Drive Sales to Your Business

Every business must engage in some sort of marketing efforts to keep up with the competition and be successful. In our world of digital technology today, the most important thing for a business to do is to gain an online presence to interact and engage with current as well as potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing your business so that the internet search engines effectively know and can recognize the relevant searches that match with what your business has to offer.Those who own a local business should use the savvy approach of marketing with local SEO efforts to increase sales. This is where working with a professional digital marketing company really pays off. Since they do the research and gather the data to understand the best marketing campaigns for every type of business, they can offer quicker and more dramatic results for your company.

Benefits of Local SEO Marketing Campaigns

To understand the benefits of local SEO marketing campaigns, you must first understand how search engines work to determine which local businesses are best suited for the results of the performed search. The search engines use a combination of factors to index and rank your website during an internet search including keywords and links that appear on your pages.If you are a local business owner, which means that you have a physical, brick-and-mortar location in a specific area, you should aim to have a very high ranking when a local search is performed. This is important because this is how customers in your area will be searching for a local place to go for a product or service. Your business needs to rank high enough in search results in order to come up when they are looking. Actually… coming up during this local search is the sole purpose of your company’s website presence and online existence! This is crucial to for you to attract new customers. In fact, studies show that almost half the people searching for local businesses actually visit them within a few days of their local online search.Here are some tips to help your company launch a successful Local SEO campaign to immediately raise brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. <in-text image here>

Tips for a Successful Local SEO Marketing Campaign

  • Gather Local Reviews – Online reviews from people in your local area help get you listed in local search results, so solicit as many as you can from customers and social media fans. Their reviews on websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, and TripAdvisor can significantly raise your rank in local searches.
  • NAP – The name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your local business should always be formatted and written the same way. Keeping your company name advertised in a consistent manner in all local directory listings, advertising copy, and throughout your online presence, helps build brand recognition and allows people to easily find you.
  • Go Mobile – It is crucial that you ensure that your website looks good on mobile devices, as almost everyone is online while on the go these days. Having a ‘user-hostile’ website that does not interact well with Google is not a smart business choice! Talk to a website designer and ensure your site is responsive, which means that the website is specially designed to adapt its display for easy viewing and navigation on any size screen. If it is not already a responsive website, it is important to make that update as soon as possible.
  • Savvy Website Wording- The words are on your website matter more than you might think! In addition to being witty and having great content that points out all of the best things about you and your business, the words on your website are also what makes your company appear in search listings and rankings. Well executed keywords and frequent use of the name of your city on website landing pages and tags will help your business achieve higher search rankings.
  • Link Building- Link building via local SEO marketing campaigns is a great way to raise your visibility and increase your rank in internet search engines. Savvy digital marketing pros, who are experts in local SEO efforts, understand how effective inbound and outbound links are and the importance they play in business marketing campaigns.

Boost Your Local SEO with Help from PB&J Marketing

Now that you understand what local SEO marketing can do for your business and what an important role it plays in growing your brand, it’s time to implement these helpful marketing strategies to increase your profit margins.

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