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Does Your Company Need a Website & a Facebook Business Page?

Taking control of your business’ future by managing its online presence is no simple task. Whether you currently run multiple social media accounts, a website, or other channels that facilitate communication with potential customers, there are many factors to consider when determining the best marketing approach for your business. However, perhaps you are just starting out with one or two budding marketing channels and would like to determine the necessity of the two primary tools that almost everyone will mention when they hear you have a business: your website and your Facebook Business Page. To stay relevant in today’s day and age of rapid, never-ending -- and at times, chaotic -- marketing tactics, your goals of staying visible while using your resources efficiently may lead you to wonder if both of these channels are truly beneficial for your business’ success. Working in tandem, will a Facebook Business Page and website waste resources fulfilling the same tasks, or will they provide a more comprehensive approach to marketing that you have been seeking? Keep reading to discover the various advantages and disadvantages of creating both a Facebook Business Page and website for your company, and well as useful information about boosting SEO, web design, content marketing strategies, and more. What you find may surprise you!

The Benefits of Having a Facebook Business Page

Of all of the social media channels in the Internet universe, Facebook is currently in the lead for active users, coming in at 2.6 billion monthly active users. The sheer amount of memberships is astounding, but the fact that so many users are active monthly means that excluding Facebook from your professional marketing strategy would be a serious mistake. After all, the prospect of getting your business’ name and mission in front of a few more hundred users would be a game-changer for your client base, as opposed to if you had no Business Page at all. While the use of a Facebook Business Page by no means guarantees your business’ success, there are numerous advantages to creating a Facebook page dedicated to growing your business.

Growing Community

First, the built-in community offered by Facebook is a quick and effective way to build a network around your growing business. Even if your business doesn’t currently have a large following or clientele, the great thing about Facebook is that Business Pages can be shared or “liked” by your personal page, thus encouraging your other Facebook friends to follow suit. Because Facebook culture has somewhat changed, meaning that the platform is no longer used for strictly social interactions but rather has expanded to include business pages and groups of all kinds, users are used to sharing and “liking” Business Pages that their friends promote.

Add a Personal Touch

Another benefit of having a Facebook Business Page is the personal touch that you can incorporate in your content and user interactions. If a business’s website can be compared to a metaphorical storefront, then the business’ Facebook page is like the counter. Having a Facebook page allows your company a more intimate level of interaction with current and potential customers that simply isn’t matched on other social media platforms or even a standard website. Furthermore, the fact that Facebook is so common puts users at ease and can make them feel as if they are interacting with their friends when they log on. In this way, building a level of familiarity with your business on Facebook will only be beneficial to you.

People are on Facebook for a variety of reasons in 2020, according to Statista.

Fully Customizable

A Facebook Business Page’s customizable nature is advantageous for a growing business. One’s page can be as decked out or as sparse as desired -- though it is widely understood that the more “complete” your page is, the more potential customers you will attract. This means that if your business’ page features a description, photos, possible location, hours, etc., it will likely be more successful than a bare page. All in all, your company’s Facebook page can act as its own marketing channel or it can serve as a more hollow presence on the platform simply to let users know that your business exists. The ability to show only what you want to show puts you in the driver’s seat.

Dramatically Increase Your Reach

Next, creating a Business Page for your company increases your daily reach to potential customers exponentially. As mentioned above, Facebook has the highest number of active users of any social media platform used today, with a whopping 2.6 billion users. Your business will probably not reach billions of people upon creation, but the sheer possibility of accessing your friends, their friends, and their friends through shares, likes, and boosted posts makes your Facebook page’s potential reach enormous. Check out this helpful blog for more information on using Facebook’s platform to your advantage.

Easy as 1-2-3

The simplicity of creating a Facebook Business Page is a significant advantage of using the platform. If you are already a part of the Facebook community (i.e. you have a personal account), a professional page can be created with just a few clicks. From the Home Page, simply navigate to the left side of the screen and scroll under your profile until you find the tab “Pages.” Here, users can establish the purpose of the page as well as write a description. Afterward, easily customize the page with photos, additional useful information for customers and even an action button at the top inciting viewers to call, like, share the page, and more. Keep in mind that the Business Page is accessible through your original personal account by once again going to the Home Page and finding “Pages” on the left-hand side.

Easily Create, Post and Share Video Content

Facebook Business Pages are yet again advantageous because they provide a platform on which your company can share pre-recorded videos, go live for important events or webinars and even share other users’ content that you find useful. In today’s modern atmosphere, videos are taking precedence over other types of communication online. This could be because users find them to be more compelling than written content or simply for the fact that they give a personal touch to what is being communicated. Whatever the reason, the ability to produce and share videos on your Facebook Business Page will give you a leg up while engaging with potential customers.

Chat With Customers

To further interact with users who “like” your Facebook Business Page, take advantage of the chat function. Not only does the chatbox provide a space to maintain positive customer relationships, but it is also a means of communication to respond to any business queries or conveniently reach out to future clients. Real-time chats or even chatbots that communicate generic messages in your absence are an effective tool to build rapport with your customers in a meaningful way. Making your customers feel heard through your Facebook Business Page is a concrete way to grow your clientele. Collect Reviews for Increased Customer Trust

Collect Reviews for Increased Customer Trust

Though this list is not comprehensive, the last benefit that will be discussed for having a Facebook Business Page is its ability to generate reviews for your company. In today’s marketplace, 84% of shoppers check online reviews before they make a purchase. This means that not having an online presence truly can be damaging to your brand. Instead, prioritize building a credible reference page for your business on numerous marketing channels -- including Facebook -- as this will gain customers’ trust in your business. Marketing channels show that the more positive presence your business has online, the more likely it is to succeed.

Using a Website to Boost Your Business

While a Facebook Business Page offers various advantages such as easy-to-use avenues for customer interaction, page personalization, and community/network building, having a dedicated website for your business should not be overlooked as the effective marketing tool it is. Keep reading to learn about the numerous ways in which a website can be utilized to take your business to the next level.

100% Tailored Content

The first, and perhaps most obvious, advantage of dedicating financial and intellectual resources to the creation of a professional website is the ability to customize 100% of your content. As the business owner or designer, you practically have free reign to decide how your business should appear online to customers. Whether by unique logos, colors, and design or an intuitive structure, it is up to you to choose how to differentiate from competitors. If you’re less than confident in your website content design skills, speak with a web designer who can help you make your professional vision a reality through beautiful web design.

Collect Reviews for Increased Customer Trust

Create a Focused, Profitable Environment

One way in which a dedicated professional website can be more beneficial than a Facebook Business Page is that it offers a distraction-free zone for customers to learn about your business. In order to stay profitable as a platform, Facebook utilizes countless advertising strategies that cater to specific users’ interests. Not only that, while Facebook makes it somewhat simple for your business to be discovered or shared with just a few clicks, but potential customers can also leave your page for a well-placed distraction with the same ease. Investing in a website suggests a level of professionalism and seriousness that is not necessarily conveyed in a Facebook Business Page. On top of that, once potential clients arrive at your website, it’s not as likely that they will click away to a desirable product ad or a friend’s post.

Control Your Contact Channels

Furthermore, creating a website gives you (as a business owner) the control to decide how customers contact you. Your website should feature a “Contact Us” page that informs visitors on the best way to get human-to-human help with questions or issues. Potential clients who visit your website will be expecting this and tend to be comfortable filling out contact forms, locating your email, or finding your business’ phone number or physical address to get in touch with you. Beyond basic phone or email information, your website can be enhanced with a customer portal, scheduling tools, chatbox, or social media links to make it as easy as possible for customers to speak with a member of your team. These capabilities make websites a prime choice for engaging potential customers in a convenient way.

Rich Content Resource

A properly set up website serves as a resource where potential customers can learn more about your high-quality products and services. Particularly when compared with a Facebook Business Page, a website is appealing because it allows the user a large amount of “online real estate” which can be used to educate visitors and highlight the value of what you have to offer. A website is a place to get into the nitty-gritty about your company’s mission, origins, products, and services. The freedom to mold a website to your specifications and include all the information you want makes it an ideal informational resource.

Boost Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, a professional website is an invaluable tool. There are numerous strategies that make it simple to grow your clientele through your online platform. Contact forms, blog subscriber forms, free consultation offers, online webinars or session signups, and other specified offers can be customized to increase lead generation through your website. While there are many options, consider the ones that make the most sense for your business as it is today -- are you in a position to share useful information that might interest potential clients? Publicize an online informational session and take participants’ email addresses to relay relevant information. This is a simple way to improve lead generation with the help of your new professional website.

Utilize Your Sales Platform

If you are like other business owners, your bottom line is probably financial viability. For this reason, the ultimate purpose of your website should be to close the sale. A business’ website is the perfect one-stop-shop experience for customers to become more familiar with your brand and what you stand for, absorb educational content about your products/services, and finally, make the decision to exchange their hard-earned money for your valuable items. Using your website as a sales platform will only work to its fullest potential if your content convinces your audience of their acute need for what you have to offer. Keep in mind that to become a customer, each user needs to believe that their life will be enhanced by your product or service. Effectively use your website as a sales platform to see your business rise to the top.

A Self-Sufficient Platform

Another primary advantage of a website is that once set up, it remains largely self-sufficient. In contrast, a Facebook Business Page should be checked and maintained daily to answer customer queries, engage with other users, and maintain an active presence. A website, however, serves as an ongoing and long-term professional resource. While it should be updated to remain current with your latest information, products, and service, it does not require the same constant level of attention as other channels (i.e. social media platforms). For a marketing channel that will not demand a large amount of your time, consider a professional website.

Enhance SEO

Last but certainly not least, a website is a sure-fire way to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) which ultimately affects your company’s visibility and the amount of business you receive. By incorporating key industry phrases and terms on your website, it is more likely to appear higher on a potential customer’s Google search which would increase the likelihood of winning their business. There are many strategies to improve your business’ SEO, including but not limited to organic search, paid search, local search, image or video search, or even Google My Business features. Regardless of the ways in which you choose to boost your SEO, making your company more visible will lead to increased profitability and larger clientele.

The Verdict: Facebook Business Page or Website?

After considering the ways in which both a Facebook Business Page and a dedicated professional website can benefit your brand’s reach and profitability, it’s clear that both marketing channels can be largely advantageous. Ultimately, by setting your professional goals and projected outcomes, it will be easier to decide which of these channels is more immediately necessary for your success. To quickly increase your contacts and build brand recognition, Facebook Business Pages can provide a ready-made community. As the most-used social media platform, it is simple to set up and can serve as a platform for customers to leave glowing reviews. On the other hand, a professional website offers total customization, adequate space for your informative content, and an effective sales platform. It also allows you to enhance SEO and improve your company’s visibility in the marketplace. Both valuable marketing resources, a Facebook Business Page, and a website can benefit the day-to-day and long term success of your growing business respectively.

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