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87% of Brands Improved by Digital Marketing Technology

It’s self-explanatory, but as a digital marketing agency, PBJ specializes in digital marketing technology. OK, now that we cleared that up, let us tell you why this matters…According to new research from Ascend 2, approximately 87% of marketers say their brands’ performance online is improving as a direct result of the technology they’re implementing. Meanwhile, 60% of respondents to the study claim they plan to spend more on marketing technology over the next two years while 40% actively strive to improve their personal knowledge of the space.

What Do We Mean by Marketing Technology?

Marketing technology is the set of tools and platforms that marketing and sales organizations need to effectively accomplish their roles. Depending on the organization, marketing or IT, or jointly might be responsible for these tools. Some of these tools are large enterprise services, and others are small, software-as-a-service decisions.There are numerous marketing technologies currently available, and PBJ Marketing specializes in just about all of them, including:· Custom Website Development· App Development· Social Media Infrastructure· eCommerce Marketing· SEO, SEM, PPC & Adwords

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