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6 Months of Google Indexing Tweets, What’s Changed?

David Bosley

… the short answer, a lot!

At the beginning of 2015, Google announced plans with Twitter to start including tweets in search results, and according to experts, the deal would be mutually beneficial to both companies. But now that the deal has had a few months to take effect, let’s look at what’s changed.

Research from Stone Temple Consulting indicates that things are on the up and up. There has indeed been a significant spike in the indexation of tweets, but there’s a catch. Early data shows that Google has been very selective when choosing what to index and has been leaning towards Twitter users with high follower numbers (aka industry thought leaders). Between February and June on this year, the number of tweets increased from 0.6% to 3.4%.

One small step for Google… One giant leap for Twitter

“That’s a whopping 466% increase, but still leaves more than 96% of Tweets out of Google’s index,” Stone Temple Consulting’s Eric Enge wrote in a blog post. “By no means do I think that this will be the end of the story. I would bet that Google is testing many things with Twitter integration and that we will see changes over time.”

Google’s recent change to the way it indexes tweets is great news for brands trying to grow their social media presence. By establishing your brand as a thought leader, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your position on the web.

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