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David Bosley

Phillip captains our DC location and the general day-to-day of PBJ. Phillip has a diverse portfolio of marketing and advertising experience having spent most of his career developing integrated and long-term growth marketing strategies on both Client and Agency side. Phillip has had the privilege of working on legacy brands such as Starbucks, MillerCoors, Windows, Ford, Volkswagen, USA Network, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and more. A Maryland native, Phillip graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with academic honors and a degree citation from UMD’s Hinman CEOs honors program.

In his spare time, Phillip is a backpacking enthusiast, a volunteer with Meals on Wheels, and an avid cook and dinner host for family and friends.

Specialties: Brand Strategy, Client Services, Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Digital Development, Art Direction, New Business Development, Event Management, Event Production, KPI Tracking and Reporting, Analytics, Budget Management, Advertising, Team Management

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Favorite Quote: There is no such thing as digital strategy.
There is only strategy in a digital world.