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Top Brands Gearing up for Super Bowl Kickoff

David Bosley

Although the Super Bowl isn’t until the first Sunday in February, there is already significant hype building around the most watched sporting event in the United States. And by hype, of course we’re talking about the Super Bowl ads!

The Super Bowl is the ultimate advertising arena. In the days and weeks after an NFL champion is crowned, news outlets and countless websites do their best to crown an advertising champ. With 30-second ads going for upwards of $5 million, you can expect to see some serious showmanship from the following brands and their advertising agencies:

Brand Category: Automotive
Agency: Mullen Lowe

Brand Category: Beverage
Agency: Anomaly

Brand Category: Automotive
Agency: Leo Burnett Detroit


Brand Category: Beverage


Brand Category: Food


Brand Category: Automotive
Agency: RPA

Mountain Dew

Brand Category: Beverage
Agency: BBDO New York

SunTrust Bank

Brand Category: Finance
Agency: StrawberryFrog


Brand Category: Finance
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

This is just a drop in the barrel when examining the entire list of brands that will be represented during the Super Bowl. You can check out the full list at Marketing Land. In total, there will be seven automotive companies, seven beverage companies, six food companies, four financial institutions, and four tech companies.

Once the dust settles in the wake of the Super Bowl, make sure to check back with us for a list of PBJ’s favorite (and least favorite) spots.

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