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The Evolution of Mobile ROI - Identifying New Revenue Events

Mobile should be a big part of your digital marketing strategy, and with more users discovering your brand on the go than ever before, it’s time to start measuring your ROI on mobile activities.According to Marketing Land, mobile KPI has shifted significantly over the years. At the dawn of smartphones and apps, mobile KPI was just measured by the number of downloads and new users delivered. However, now that there are four million apps currently saturating the marketplace, mobile marketers need to rethink their game plan.These days, a download doesn’t always translate to a sale. Instead, it’s just part of a much larger marketing funnel. Instead, try tracking these two easy-to-measure revenue events to get a better idea of mobile ROI.

  1. In-app purchasesCompleting a transaction on mobile is one thing, but the information that you glean from a user’s in-app purchase is truly invaluable. By gathering this information, you can start to build buyer profiles that help with sharper targeting to convert one-time shoppers into life-long evangelists.
  2. In-app advertisingThe information collected from in-app advertising provides a precise snapshot of your brand’s geographic success. With this information, it’s much easier to optimize campaigns for your target audience.
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