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Resuscitate Your SEO Tactics With These 6 Ideas

You may have a gorgeous website layout designed for the best user experience possible but if potential customers and clients can’t find it through conventional means, it’s probably all for nothing. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in hand. It’s never too late to jump-start your SEO efforts, but before you start you should understand a few key areas to focus on.1. Optimize Your TagsOn large, complex websites it can be difficult to optimize every page. Instead, take advantage of key tags that include:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description Tag
  • H1 Heading Tag
  • Other Heading Tags
  • Alt Tag

With each page, you want to ensure that every tag is unique and indicative of the content on the page. Once you have these tags in place, you’ll have the groundwork for an effective SEO campaign.2. Implement Basic ContentBy basic content, we mean landing pages, which serve as the anchor content for your entire website. Potential customers and clients research your products and services will use the information enclosed in your essential content to gauge if your business is for them or not. Not only will site visitors find value in this content, but search engines will too.3. Eliminate Duplicate ContentGetting rid of duplicate content is a massive undertaking, but well worth the effort. Numerous sites suffer from backend programming that results in duplicate content on multiple URLs. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need an SEO manager AND a developer to alleviate the problem. 4. Improve NavigationA visitor’s ability to easily navigate your website is of the utmost importance. Many sites focus too much on making the site look good, rather than helping visitors find what they need. The more frustrated a user gets with your site, the less likely you’ll make a sale or conversion. Change that.5. Increase Site SpeedIf you can improve your website’s speed by even a fraction of a second, you’ll get a lot more users to click around. Your primary goal is to make sure there is no agonizing wait for your pages to load.6. Don’t Ignore MobileMost prospective customer’s product searches start on their smartphones and mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile use, you’re already alienating a devastating market share.

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