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PBJ’s Favorite Social Media Giants

Social media serves the backbone for any successful digital marketing strategy these days. PBJ Marketing goes above and beyond to establish your brand on social media and give it a unique voice. But we learn from the best and recognize solid social media campaigns when we see it.Forbes Magazine recently compiled a list of companies with great social media presence, and we couldn’t agree more:

  1. SpaceX (@SpaceX) – is a state-of-the-art rocket and spacecraft designer, manufacturer, and launcher, and if that’s not impressive enough, they also have an awesome social media presence. Social media efforts include live broadcasts of rocket launches and awe-inspiring pictures from space.
  2. TEDTalks (@TEDTalks)– Curious about something? TedTalks probably has the answer. With so much fascinating information being displayed through engaging media, it’s not surprising that its Twitter account has nearly seven million followers.
  3. Cranium– The board game famous for teasing the minds of its players also likes to do so through their Facebook page. Daily trivia, games, and polls do a fantastic job attracting likes from numerous visitors.
  4. BarkBox– Monthly goody boxes are all the rage these days, but BarkBox takes its popularity to the next level with entertaining social media content. Bonus: they specialize in cute animals!
  5. Old Spice– At this point you’re definitely familiar with the entertaining (and insane!) Old Spice TV commercials and their social media efforts aren’t any tamer. These guys really know how to leverage viral videos.
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