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Are Siri's Days Numbered? Google Assistant Is Making All the Right Moves

The war of voice assistants has been raging for a few years now, and Apple’s Siri appears to be the superpower to defeat. However, now that newer assistants have had time to improve, Siri’s reign could be coming to an end.One of the most popular rising voice assistants is "Google Assistant." The search giant is in the process of rolling out newer mobile devices with the integrated AI, and it’s becoming more apparent that there are quite a few things Google Assistant does better than Siri.

  1. Instant AnswersWhen conducting a search with Google Assistant, the program seems to be much more confident with giving single, direct answers. In contrast, Siri has a tendency to provide too much information forcing the users to sift through the results and discover answers for themselves.
  2. Locating Local BusinessesAlthough both Google Assistant and Siri do a phenomenal job finding businesses nearby, it’s the way that Google Assistant displays the information that catches our attention. The Google interface is presented in an easy-to-navigate carousel and syncs seamlessly with Google Maps for directions.
  3. Remembering the UserGoogle Assistant does a fantastic job storing inquiries and tailoring future results based on a user's preferences. For example, if a user’s favorite baseball team in the Chicago Cubs, Google Assistant will learn this over time. This way, a user can ask, “did my favorite team win?” and Google Assistant will give an accurate response.
  4. Speaking Different Languages (Hablando Diferentes Idiomas)The translation software integrated with Google Assistant is phenomenal. Ask Google Assistant how to say a phrase, and it will answer out loud - accents included! In contrast, Siri has a difficult time processing sentences and users don’t get the bonus of hearing the pronunciation.
  5. Becoming a FriendGoogle Assistant is designed to be much more than a search engine. The AI also reads poetry, tells jokes, and plays games with users. At present, Siri is unable to complete any of these tasks and often redirects users to the app store to find programs to fulfill them.
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