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7 Best Browser Extensions to Use in the New Year

Whether you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or (gasp!) Internet Explorer/Edge, you probably have strong opinions about which one is the superior web browser. But regardless of your preference, there is no denying that there are numerous browser extensions that can help digital marketers grow professionally.To boost your marketing game in the New Year, consider utilizing the following browser extensions to help improve your workflow:

  1. Buffer – Share and publish content quickly and easily across various social media profiles from any website all at once. Buffer even lets you schedule future posts so you can set a future content lineup, so your profiles are always active.
  2. Grammarly – Spellcheck is great, but Grammarly is better. In addition to identifying spelling errors, Grammarly also highlights complicated grammar mistakes and shows edit options.
  3. Rapportive – Think your marketing emails are falling on deaf ears? Rapportive validates emails addresses, significantly reducing your bounce rate and contributing to lead generation.
  4. Pablo – Digital ads with images perform much better than those without them. Pablo lets you grab images, format them, so they have the best resolution for individual social media networks, and even allows you to make design changes.
  5. Klout – It’s important to share relevant content on your brand’s social media sites, and through a sophisticated algorithm, Klout gives content an “influencer score” based on popularity and various interactions on social media channels.
  6. Mozbar – Enhance Google search results with Mozbar. The browser extension lets you view interesting page metrics, such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Link Profile, and Keyword Highlights. By gathering this information, digital marketing professionals gain a significant leg up on their SEO efforts.
  7. vidIQ – With digital content trending towards video, it’s crucial to have a tool to understand how well it's performing. vidIQ allows users to analyze videos on YouTube and collect information about how it ranks, in addition to social media metrics including likes, shares, and comments, as well as tags and keywords.
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